My aim is to empower you to accomplish your goals of excellent health. I do not diagnose or treat diseases or advise against medication and can work together with your conventional practitioner.  I offer a free 15-minute phone or Skype consultation to discuss your health goals or concerns and how nutrition may help you.

We offer a 15-minute free telephone consultation. Book your appointment now!

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The first step on your health journey is to schedule a complimentary, no obligation phone call with me so I can find out a little about your health concerns, your goals and how we can work together.

What happens at a consultation?

Prior to the consultation you will be asked to complete a comprehensive health questionnaire and a 3 day food and lifestyle diary.  I hold consultations in Oxted and Lingfield but can also offer Skype consultations and visit clients in London.

Initial consultation

The first consultation will last approximately 90 minutes. We will discuss the history of your health in detail. I will then work closely with you to devise a suitable nutrition and lifestyle programme focusing on the goals that you have set. Your programme will include dietary adjustments, lifestyle changes and supplement recommendations.

I also provide on-going support in the form of nutritional information sheets, recipes, meal plans and shopping advice. In addition, appropriate, functional testing may be recommended to add useful further information to steer your programme.

Follow up consultations

I usually recommend follow up consultations of 60 minutes every 4 weeks to discuss the progress of your programme and make any appropriate adjustments. All results and interpretation of any tests are then discussed and incorporated into your programme.



I know from experience that the best way for you to reach your health goals is by working with you for a period of time (usually three months or longer). It takes a little time to create healthy habits and a new mindset around food. If you’re looking for ongoing support, I would love to work with you.  During your initial phone call we can discuss which is the right programme for you.  Programmes are designed to suit your individual needs and start from £299.  I also run 28 day on-line challenges that start at various times during the year.





Time to cleanse your diet and get you on track to reach your goals, we will address what is in you cupboards!



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