Go Figure Challenges

Reset 2021 – Starting 11th January 2021

Press the reset button for 2021 with Venus Nutrition and Go Figure Fitness

As this year has proven, we have no idea what is around the corner but one thing is for sure, the fitter and healthier we are the stronger we are mentally and physically to cope with what ever comes our way.

Every health specialist, GP, consultant and scientist will agree, regular healthy eating and exercise is the “magic pill” that will ensure your body is at its best to fight injury, illness and the side effects of ageing.

If 2020 has left you with weight gain and you have you let things slide health wise then join us for a reset in January.

It is not always easy to do this alone!

Reset 2021 plan“I am absolutely loving this way of eating. I feel so much more ‘on the level’ and definitely less cranky with my little ones. I know I’ll have challenges ahead but I’ll just make sure I always try to choose wisely. I truly feel I won’t go back to that regular sugar binging. Also feeling much slimmer (and the scales reflect that too yippee).”

  • Recipe pack and guide – designed to give you more energy, improve your body composition, help you sleep better, reduce bloating and so much more!
  • Fitness videos covering stretching, yoga, pilates, Zumba, FFIT and Paracise classes.
  • Health and energy questionnaire and guide on measuring at the beginning and the end to help you assess your progress.
  • Each day brings new tips and challenges to keep you motivated.
  • You will work through your programme via a private group which can be accessed by an app on your phone or through your web browser.
  • Weekly Zoom support and Q&A session.
  • Be part of a community of like minded people to keep you motivated.

Imagine this…you’ve just woken up, feel full of energy and your mind is clear. You get up, have a healthy breakfast and throughout the day your energy is good, your mood is stable, you’re mentally sharp and your concentration is good. You haven’t had energy dips, become irritable or experienced a single craving.

Click here to book your place with an early bird price of £75 (rising to £85 after 1st Jan).