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Passionate about the powerful effects of nutrition

I love real food and simple cooking using the freshest ingredients. I find it exciting when I discover delicious foods that contain properties to benefit our health.

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I offer a free 15-minute phone or Skype consultation to discuss your health goals
or concerns and how nutrition may help you.

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I welcome the opportunity to pass on my knowledge to groups, clubs, organisations and schools. I offer workshops and talks on how to take advantage of great nutrition

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Female health

Could your hormones be out of balance? Do you suffer from PMS, underactive thyroid, polycystic ovarian syndrome or endometriosis? Are you entering the menopause? Improving your nutrition may help gently bring your hormones back into balance.

Energy and radiance

Low energy and fatigue are probably the most common complaints clients have. There are many underlying imbalances that can contribute to low energy but it may surprise you how a few simple changes can make a big difference to how you feel.

Digestive health

Many people needlessly suffer from digestive symptoms such as gas, bloating and pain. Following some initial tests to assess your digestive function you are able to follow a personalised programme to help restore balance and improve overall health.


This is what customers say about me
  • I first saw Helen when I was at my wit's end, I was sick of yo-yo dieting and had tried a number of different plans to lose weight. I was impressed with how easy she was to talk to and non-judgemental, we went through what I wanted to achieve, what potential barriers I had and what I enjoyed eating. We then put together a meal plan with additional advice and recipes. Having gone from really hating cooking I started to become really interested in it. working with Helen is about eating, not depriving myself and not beating myself up! I now have more energy, sleep better, feel trimmer and generally feel happier. If there is one single thing I have done in my life to help improve my health and longevity it has been simply to take Helen's advice!
  • After being diagnosed with an under active thyroid, I was still very tired and suffering from mood swings. I was also gaining weight for no apparent reason. After I saw Helen she introduced me to a new way of eating which has enabled me to get my life back to normal! I have managed to get my weight under control and now have plenty of energy.
  • I went to Helen when I was at a real low point. Helen was so kind in her approach, non judgemental, understanding and very knowledgable. She had a lovely hot drink waiting for me and we had a chat about my food diary and lifestyle. Helen gave me an attainable and sustainable eating plan to follow as well as recommended supplements. I have managed to follow Helen's recommendations really well and it's felt like no effort at all. Since being on my nutrition plan (1 month now), my skin is clearer, it's easier to get out of bed in the mornings, I have more energy, my brain fog has completely gone and I've lost over a stone in weight. I recommend everyone to see her, particularly if you're feeling close to burn out like I was. Thank you Helen so much.
  • I just want to say a big thank you for all your help, expertise and advice, it feels like I'm able to put the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle in more effectively and simplistically. I'm really pleased with the results so far and it's good to know that there's a plan in place with some sound structure to it. It's such a relief to finally feel that things are functioning more normally.
  • After my first visit to Helen I felt completely empowered. There was no judgement, she just said “right this is where we start to change things”. She really listened to me and she is compassionate and caring but very professional. If you are prepared to embrace and commit to the changes, and trust in Helen, you definitely won’t regret it!
  • Helen’s coaching skills are amazing. She was never forceful about how I should eat, but gently dropped boosting sentences into our conversations. Something that really stuck with me was when she said “what do you want to be? One step closer to your goal or one step further away?”. I often thing back to this when making decisions about food and it has really helped.

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Our recipes and nutrition advice for you
Picnic Recipe – Mediterranean Frittata

Picnic Recipe – Mediterranean Frittata

A perfect summer recipe – and a slice of this from the fridge also makes a quick and easy snack.

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My Top 3 Tips For Holiday Eating

Who doesn’t love a good holiday? Whether it’s a beachy escape, a trip to the slopes or a city break,...

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How do you reward yourself?

How do you reward yourself? How do you comfort yourself when you are stressed? Think about that for a moment....

What are Non Scale Victories?

What are Non Scale Victories?

What is the danger of just focusing on the numbers on the scales? You miss all the other wonderful signs...

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I am based in Oxted, Surrey and I am currently offering online consultations via Zoom.


Landline: 01883 713 243
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